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What Do You Think of When You Hear the Word “FRESH” Dog Food?

When I did a search of the internet for the definition of “fresh” I received this back: (of food) recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved”.  Yellow Dog Deli dog food is delivered fresh to your doorstep each week.  It is “recently made”; usually that morning.  It is not canned or otherwise preserved.  When we go to events we do freeze the food and that is to ensure that pet parents are able to get the food home safely.  Otherwise, we do not add any preservatives, nor do we process it in a way to preserve the food.  

Is Your Dog Food “FRESH”?

Today, I decided to take a look at the dog food options in my local grocery store as I wanted to look at the code date on the bags.  And, I must admit, before I got serious about what we were feeding our dog, I never look at the code dates on the bags.  Here is what I found.  A perceived higher-end kibble brand had a code date of 9/7/2022.  I found other kibble bags with dates of 7/22/2022, canned food had dates of 4/23/2024 and one brand in the refrigerated section of the grocery store had a code date of 11/15/2021.  Personally, the thought of buying food and not eating it for a year from now is a bit of an odd concept.  And, having “fresh” food in my refrigerator for four months is, well, not acceptable.

Why is FRESH Important?

Eating whole fresh foods is consuming the food in its natural state.  You are getting all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are in the food before it is refined or processed.  Think about eating an apple versus drinking apple juice.  Or, think about your dog eating chicken muscle meat versus chicken meal which could include the carcass, ligaments, and cartilage all ground together and processed in a way where it loses nutrients.

Fresh food for us and for our dogs is part of a healthy lifestyle.  We will typically live longer.  We will be more resistant to illnesses because it boosts our immunity.  We will have a better chance of being at a healthy weight which will result in fewer joint challenges later in life.  I’m sure we have all been asked at the doctor’s office how many servings of fresh fruits and vegetables we get daily.   Our dogs’ lives are too short already.  We can help them live longer, healthier lives by deciding what we put in their bowls.

I hope you decide to choose this….

Instead of this…

Check out all of our recipes on our website.  Send us an email and ask any questions you might have.  Sign Up for a subscription and we will deliver to you weekly.  Maybe you can’t switch to our food for 100% of your dog’s meal.  How about giving 50% a try or maybe a meal topper?  Any amount that you can replace with our fresh, whole-food ingredients will make a difference.

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